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EcoVersity Chicken Workshop: Handout Package: Drawings, Diagrams and Tables
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Poultry Housing Considerations for Small Scale Producers

Subtitle: "Being An Investigation Into the Finer Points of Poultry Architecture, in Consideration of Matters Related to: Coops, Yards & Pens, Roosts, Nest Boxes, Feeders, Water Stations & Other Furniture and Accoutrements For the Keeping of Fowl". # C2 - 14 pages + drawings, soft cover 8.5 x 11, professionally typeset - $14 US destinations, $19 (US Funds) International.

This Chronicle is NOT a "how-to build". Rather it is a philosophical discussion of the Biology and Ecology of chickens and their housing considering such matters as space necessary, deep litter, feeder space, etc. etc.

Let's Talk About Calcium in Chicken Rations!
*How much do My Chickens Need? What are the Best Sources? What Happens when there is Not Enough? #C26 - 8 pages, soft cover 8.5 x 11, professionally typeset - $8 US destinations, $12 (US Funds) International.
Lighting for Winter Egg Production
*Being An Investigation Into the Finer Points of: Physiology Considerations, Lights and Lighting, Wattage Requirements, Timer Systems . # C20 - 12 pages, soft cover, 8.5 x 11, professionally typeset - $12 US destinations, $16 (US Funds) International. If you have decided you need to have production during the winter months (short daylight periods), then you need to read this Chronicle. Topics include: determining your flock's production vs. light ratio, type of lighting, intensity of lighting, etc. etc.
EcoVersity Workshop: BackYard and Small Producer Chicken Workshop, Handout Package. Professor Chicken Says: "Good Info for Humans!!"
# CW 2: FROM the Cover: "Chicken Friendly", Drawings, Diagrams and Tables. Contents: 1. Semi-Monitor Style Laying House (3 sheets). 2. Nest Boxes for large breeds. 3. Horizontal Roost. 4. 450 Roost (2 sheets). 5. Warm Roost (4 sheets). 6. Chick Brooder Coop & Range Run. 7. Brooder Box. 8. Feed Hopper. 9. Stocking Density Tables (2 sheets). 10. "The Chicken Thermometer". 11. Manure - Fertilizer Equivalent Table. 12 Handling Eggs for Incubation. 13. Brooding Tips. 14. Eggs Grading & Quality (3 sheets). 15. Bibliography.

Throughly revised and updated: Feb and March, 2004 (Rev. A)

25 pages, $25 U.S. Destinations, $29 (US Funds) International.

Ordering Information:
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