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Lessons Learned Raising Poultry Not Forgotten!
TimeWarrior Farm Rare Breed Conservation Reserve was located in Anthony, New Mexico. The ranch house proper was about a mile North of Texas and a mile East of the Rio Grande.

The farm/reserve was established in 1986 by David Sullenberger, (a.k.a. Professor Chicken, a.k.a. “The Great Blue Chicken”) then at New Mexico State University Department of Biology, and spouse Maggie Kinsey also at New Mexico State.

An active Conservation Biologist, lifelong poultryman and active A.L.B.C. member, David established breeding flocks of Dominick, Barred Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington chickens and Wishard, Naturally Mating Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys at TimeWarrior Farm.

At the time, the Dominick, Barred Plymouth Rock, and the Wishard were on the AMBC (predecessor to A.L.B.C) “critical” list. Essentially these breeds were in danger of becoming extinct due to the low population numbers and the low number of breeding flocks.

TimeWarrior Farm contributed to the preservation of these breeds of rare poultry by establishing and maintaining breeding flocks and sharing their progeny with other poultry producers and conservators across the United States including a small flock of NMAES-SCWL (below) at BioSphere II.

The Signature conservation effort at the Farm was snatching the New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station Single Combed White Leghorn (NMAES-SCWL) from virtual extinction when the poultry facility at New Mexico State University College of Agriculture was closed. No hatch had been taken for more than 3 years and more than 1500, fertile, extra-large and jumbo eggs were incubated to get 50 living chicks - 48 of which lived to become the first new generation in 4 years. Unfortunately the Strain is now actually extinct - due to the closing of the farm in 1999.

In addition to being a conservation facility TimeWarrior Farm served as a Research Lab for investigating small scale, free range, production questions and techniques generally not addressed by the cage industry, USDA, or modern university ag. courses and textbooks.

The lessons of these investigations have been published in a series of non-technical “white papers” under the general title: The TimeWarrior Farm Chronicles and as articles in various popular press venues such as CountrySide and Small Stock Journal.

After recovering from a lengthy illness in the fall of 1998 followed by surgery to remove a stomach tumor in the spring of 1999, TimeWarrior Farm was closed. The remaining birds were dispersed to various friends and conservators and David and Maggie moved to Santa Fe, NM where David had taken a position as Scientific and Technical Consultant to the Beneficial Farm Egg Improvement Project funded by a W.S.A.R.E /D.O.D. grant administrated by Skyloom Development.

David continues to consult to small producers in New Mexico and across the United States and is a faculty member at EcoVersity in Santa Fe teaching various chicken and domestic poultry workshops. He can be contacted via email at: , or .

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